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On my site you'll be able to find all the books I have published and the Publishers where they are available.

Available from www.eternal press.com, www.whiskeycreek.com, www.desertbreeze.com, www.swimingkagaroo.comwww.amazon.com & www.goodreads.com

Publishers for my books: 

Eternal Press

Jungle Heat
Friendly Enemies
Meeting at Princes Bridge
Trace Elements
Appleton's Run
McBride's Treasure
Short stories: Vietnam
Top Secret
Journey to Tobruk
Angela's Child
Love Me Kill Me coming soon
Parellel Destinies

To Come
Dark Journey Through Time (co authored with Geri Lennon)
The Coast Watcher
Return To Darwin
The Hong Kong Princess
Goodbye Odessa

Whiskey Creek Press

Love in the Afternoon
Reluctant Betrayal
Twisted Sanction

The Reilly Factor coming soon 
The Campbell odyssey

New contract for book titled The Patsy

Swimming Kangaroo

The Pursuit of Mary McBride
The Irish Rretribution


Desert Breeze Publishing

Stranger in Harpoon Bay 
The Hong Kong Princess

Latest Work

Pacific Ransom