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The Pursuit of Mary McBride

A female convict is forced to marry an ex convict to save her unborn child but when the girl Mary reaches sixteen she is raped by her stepfather and sold to a passing settler in marriage. Now her mother Rebecca is determined to get her back from the wildness and to civilization. She pursues them through the unexplored country of early Australia.

Reluctant Betrayal

When a daughter discovers her father was implicated in the death of her mother she wants revenge. But the journey takes her to the Vietnam conflict, Bosnia and Ireland and to facts she never even supected.

Meeting at Princes Bridge

Three girls just before World War two and all born on the same day meet constantly on Princes Bridge Melbourne to throw a coin into the river to remember their dead fathers. Friends forever they tell each other their loves and secrets and trust each other implicitly but when one makes a terrible mistake it threatens to tear them apart.. It's a story of friendship, love treachery, tragedy, retribution and reuniting.

Reluctant Betrayal

A women is forced to do an armed holdup to save her family but then she learns she is expendable. She steals the loot and tries to evade the killer while getting back to her family

Jungle Heat

A soldier has to escort a beautiful nurse over the Owen Stanley ranges to escape the pursuing Japanese They find a love neither expected but dark secrets of their past begin to emerge and when the soldier is reported dead then stranger events occur. Now he must rescue her from the clutches of a womanising doctor who wants to wed her but does he have to sucrefice his happieness for her.

These books are available from the publishers website, and
Jungle Heat
Friendly Enemies
Meeting at Princes Bridge
Trace Elements
Appleton's Run
McBride's Treasure
Angela's Chi8ld
Love Me Kill me (available after July 1st 2014)
The Mentor
Pearl of The Rising Sun
Vietnam Holiday
Top Secret
Journey to Tobruk
Love in the Afternoon
Reluctant Betrayal
Twisted Sanction
The Reilly Factor (available mid 2014)
The Campbell odyssey
Stranger in Harpoon Bay
The Pursuit of Mary McBride
The Irish retribution