After many years of writing success seemed to elude me but after doing several writing courses I gradually began to learn the craft. First I had two short stories published then had three read over community radio in Queensland Australia. My first big success was being asked to write the initial script for a stage musical of the C.S.Lewis childrens classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. This show proved very successful and played in all the capital cities of Australia. I made various submissions to many publishers and have a draw full of rejections, whoever I tried the e-book market and sent a submission off to Whiskey Creek Press and received a contract for a mature age romance titled "Love in the Afternoon" The book is now available in boith e-book form and printed version at 

I made another submission to Swimming Kangaroo Books and received another contract for a book Titled "The Irish Retribution" An adventure romance complicated by a stormy relationship between a daughter and father. A further submission to them was also successful and they  published "The Pursuit of Mary McBride." a Colonial adventure during the gold rush era of Victoria. A girl is sold off in marriage to a passing settler by her evil stepfather and her mother sets out to win her back.

I made another submission to a new publishing company eternal press and was successful with a wartime romance titled Jungle Heat. An Australian soldier has to take a nurse across the Owen Stanley Rangesd of New Guinea to escape the Japanese. Here they find an ever lasting love but both have secrets they want to keep to themselves. When the soldier is apparently killed, the nurse is heartbroken and falls into the arms of a scheming doctor but when the hero returns from the dead there is a battle to win over the heroine. Eternal Press took three short strories. one about a romance in Vietnam titled Vietnam Holiday an other titled Journey to Tobruk and the third titled Top Secret. They also accepted two more of my books, one titled "Friendly Enemies" the story of two soldiers, one Australian and the other German who meet on the battlefield where one saves the other's life. What takes place after, ties them together forever in a romantic tale with two girls who seem miles apart. The other accepted book is titled "Meeting at Princes Bridge" a story of the sisterly love of three girls in war time Melbourne all born on the same day and each anniversary they throw a coin from the bridge in memory of their dead fathers. When one makes a terrible mistake it brings tragedy, estrangement, love and reconciliation. Two of the stories, "Jungle Heat" and Vietnam Holiday are now available on for sale. 

I have also dabbled in poetry and have won a contest and had another accepted by the Australian War Memorial as a teaching aid for students to learn of the heroic efforts of our soldiers who fought against incredible odds in the New Guinea campaign against overwhelming odds in the invading Japanese. It was also accepted by the local branch of the Returned Solsiers League and was printed and framed to be place in their display cabinet of their club. It was also read out at the remmberance day ceromony held in the town.