new contract

My book The Pursuit of Mary McBride has been rewritten with the help of my friend and editor Geri Lennon. It has come up stronger with very little alteration.

I've just been awarded another contract with Eternal Press for my latest book Return To Darwin. It's ahistorical war time romance where a girl returns to her birth place and finds love, betrayal,war,  friendship, loyalty
I also have another three books waiting for edits with the same publisher.

Another of my books Goodbye Odessa has been accepted by Desert Breeze Publishing and should be out in January.  It's a war romance story that involves both sides of a family.  When Baroness Ivanna Demintrko tries to escape Odessa an hour before the Nazis arrive she finds there is only one place left on the ship. She pays a young man  to look after her fourteen year old son Michael until they arrive in New York. On the way the man tips the boy overboard and takes over his identity as the grand father is a multi millionaire who has never met his grandson. Ivanna returns home to find she is forced into becoming the mistress of a high ranking SS officer under the threat her husband will be shot. From here it involved the resistance fighters of both the Ukraine and Greece. Lots of twists and turns.

Another new book coming out in 2018 is The Patsy. An adventure romance thriller that takes us to Afghanistan
. Another book with Desert Breeze that might interest people is Pacific Ransom. A thrilling search for two mega rich parents by their daughter takes us into the World War Two Pacific Islands. She hires a man who has amazing skills to help in her search.

My latest contract is with I Hart Book Publishing titled Incident At Myall Creek. Its an historical true story of early Australia where 26 innocent Aboriginal women and children were raped, murdered and burnt. It forced Westminster to bring in new laws to declare murder is murder no matter if it is committed by blacks or whites. The killers were sentenced to death for this terrible crime. It brought howls of protests by some of the bigoted settlers at the time who considered sport to kill the blacks who did nothing more than steal a sheep to feed their families. It was the beginning of new attitudes that helped develop the new country